Couple renew their wedding vows after 29 years together

A local couple have marked a very special day in their personal history with a celebratory ceremony at St Ann’s.

By News Team on August 24, 2016

Kitty Roper Steve Pete O'Brien wedding blessing

Kathy and Steve Roper from Great Moor decided to renew their wedding vows at St Ann’s where Kathy is a Day Care patient, 29 years to the day since they were married.

The couple met at Stepping Hill Hospital where they were both working as nurses.  Romance blossomed and after a year they were married in Stockport Registry Office.


I’ve built up some brilliant friendships at St Ann’s, and the Day Care team there have helped me such a lot.  When we were thinking about marking our special day in this way, St Ann’s was an obvious choice as it means so much to both of us. I can’t believe all those years have passed but I’m still so happy that we’re together. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Steve was – and still is – very funny and being able to laugh together is so important. He’s also quite romantic, and is such an incredible support to me through both the good and the bad times. Kathy Roper
When Kathy asked if I would carry out a special ceremony for them I didn’t hesitate - it’s so lovely to be asked to be part of such a special day. It’s really touching that Kathy and Steve chose St Ann’s to celebrate their marriage in this way, and we’re always very happy to try and make the wishes of our patients become a reality. Peter O’Brien, Hospice chaplain