St Ann’s wins a national charity award for the ‘Most Unusual Item Donated’

Staff at our shop in Edgeley were surprised to receive a donation which was so unusual, it’s won our charity a national award.

By News Team on April 28, 2017

birthing stool

The hospice’s strange ‘delivery’ of an antique birthing stool, has won us a Hospice Retail Award for the ‘Most Unusual Item Donated’.

We’re used to local people generously leaving books, clothing, accessories, furniture and homeware at our shops, but staff in Edgeley were slightly puzzled to see the birthing stool which was left outside the shop. After doing some research we discovered that birthing stools – also known as birth chairs – were shaped to help assist people in adopting an upright position during childbirth, and apparently took the place of mothers sitting on birth attendant’s laps, which was the previous practice. It’s a real ‘labour’ of love for us to find new homes for pre-loved items, and this was no exception. It’s a shame we don’t know who it previously belonged to as we are intrigued as to who has used it, but a local antiques dealer purchased it from us. Amanda Brooks, Trading Company Manager at St Ann’s

Other unusual items donated to our shops include dentures and a life-size medical anatomical human skeleton model, complete with stand and wheels.

The skeleton was donated to our shop in Little Hulton and the man who purchased it drove away with it in the passenger seat of his van, much to the bemusement of passers-by. We couldn’t carry on supporting the hospice without the kind donations made by local people, and we’re always happy to receive them – whatever they may be! Amanda Brooks, Trading Company Manager at St Ann’s

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