Rare books donated to St Ann’s Stockport shop

By News Team on September 7, 2017

Nicola Rust with science books

If you’ve ever been into one of our St Ann’s Hospice shops, you’ll know that there are lots of amazing new goods and donated items waiting to be discovered.

But did you also know, we have a number of specialist shops, where, in addition to the usual range of new and pre-loved goods on sale, you can also purchase a wide range of products from a specific genre?

For example, our Ladybarn shop is perfect for finding fabulous furniture, and our Cheadle shop is home to some incredible new and pre-loved wedding dresses that any bride-to-be would be proud to wear.

For those who can’t think of anything better than curling up on the sofa with a good book, our Stockport shop is the perfect destination, with an array of popular fiction and non-fiction books, alongside some rare titles just waiting to be discovered.

Manager Nicola Rust began her career selling second-hand books, and has worked in the book industry for more than 25 years so the collection of books in her store is a real labour of love.

This was particularly the case thanks to a recent donation of around 100 specialist books from the Marton Library Trust (a charity set up in honour of Harry Marton, a leading figure in the development of optometry), which included some rare scientific books of important historical significance.

They include a book written by Dutch physicist Pieter Zeeman, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1902 for his discovery of the ‘Zeeman effect’ about the effect of light in a magnetic field.

The text was signed by Zeeman and dedicated to British surgeon D’Arcy Power in 1931 on a visit to this country to mark the Michael Faraday celebrations. Zeeman worked alongside Albert Einstein, the German physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics.

You can visit the St Ann’s eBay site from 7pm on 7th September to 7pm on 17th September to bid for this historical gem, and a range of other books and goods.

You can also pop down to the St Ann’s Stockport shop at Great Underbank in Stockport town centre if you feel like treating yourself to a few other bargain books in time for the weekend.

Go on…the sofa is waiting for you!

The auction will be live on our eBay shop from 7pm on September 7th, to 7pm on September 17th.

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