This month’s pick of #StAnnsCare comments (September)

Read some of the latest comments we have received from patients, their loved ones and our volunteers and supporters about the care at St Ann's.

By Reason Digital on September 13, 2017

Home at home staff

We’re so proud that every year we get hundreds of letters, emails and social media posts from members of the St Ann’s community, praising our services, talking about their own experiences of the hospice, and thanking staff and volunteers for their care and support that we wanted to share them with you.

It’s great to be able to reflect on the impact our work has on people from right across Greater Manchester, and also to dispel myths around what hospice care is, and the wide range of services and types of support we give to local people

We’ve gathered together just a few quotes which have been received from patients, carers and family members, to share with you below.

If you’ve experienced our services and would like to join in the conversation too, visit us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to let us know your comments using the hashtag #StAnnsCare

Everyone smiles and means it. The attention and care is obvious and the food excellent. Your reputation is well deserved.
Doctors and nurses are absolutely wonderful. They explained everything and put our minds at ease.
Lunch is excellent and provided each of my requests, wonderful experience.
I have been treated beautifully from the start to finish of my complementary therapy. My every need was met, thank you.
Very helpful, kind, caring yet professional staff.
Staff are very nice, informative, and friendly. There’s a nice atmosphere inside.
Excellent care for my wife and now I am experiencing the same for myself.
Staff make you feel relaxed with their kind, caring and compassionate approach in supporting you at a very difficult time in life.

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