This month’s pick of #StAnnsCare comments (October)

Read some of the latest comments we have received from patients, their loved ones and our volunteers and supporters about the care at St Ann's.

By Reason Digital on October 10, 2017

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As it’s Hospice Care Week (9-15th October 2017), we thought we would share #StAnnsCare quotes from our patients, their loved ones and our supporters that do truly reflect on what hospice care is.

It’s amazing to be able to reflect on the impact our work has on people from right across Greater Manchester, and also to dispel myths around what hospice care is, and the wide range of services and types of support we give to local people

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St Ann’s has very skilled therapists that make me feel at ease and comfortable.
If you have a problem, regardless of what it is, the staff go out of their way to resolve the issue.
Very helpful and supportive staff. It felt good to talk and offload some weight off my shoulders.
The staff helped me regain my confidence.
I had a leg and foot massage which was very relaxing just before having my chemo. This was extremely relaxing.
My meetings made me realise that feelings were 'normal' and I received good, honest advice.
The staff do their best to make you feel relaxed and help your symptoms.
I have experience excellent care throughout my counselling sessions. The support I have received has helped me come to terms with the loss of my mum.

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