Gamer student nurse raises money for us by playing a video game for 12 hours

By News Team on October 19, 2017

Rose - Catie's nan

Rose McNamara

Catie Worrall, a 23 year old student nurse at Liverpool John Moores University, is an avid online gamer and encouraged her dedicated following who regularly watch her live stream video games, to donate to St Ann’s.

This unusual method of raising money, in tribute to Catie’s Nan, has led to an incredible £135 raised for us. Generous members of the online gaming community provided Catie with free games to giveaway to randomly selected viewers, after each £10 donation.

Catie, who lives in Liverpool, was inspired to fundraise for us after her Nan, Rose McNamara who lived in Stretford was diagnosed with lung cancer seven years ago and was a patient at our Heald Green hospice site.

St Ann’s is a cause close to my heart. The nurses gave amazing care to my Nan and whilst she was at the hospice, the staff styled her hair and painted her nails. Within days of being at St Ann’s, she was already so much happier. Catie Worrall
Catie Worral

The young gamer has loved playing video games for as long as she can remember but it is only in recent months that Catie decided to take her hobby to a new level. Catie launched her Twitch channel, CapcomCatie, where people can watch Catie live streaming her favourite video games.

We’re always amazed to hear about the unique ways people fundraise for us and we’d like to thank Catie for her game changing methods. As a charity we need to raise around £16,000 every day to keep our services running so we need to embrace evolving technology and the needs of our supporters. Eamonn O’Neal, Chief Executive of St Ann’s
Eamonn O'Neal

Catie is about to start her second year of university studying Adult Nursing and her positive experience of St Ann’s has inspired to Catie to train to become a nurse in palliative care.

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