This month’s pick of #StAnnsCare comments (November)

Read some of the latest comments we have received from patients, their loved ones and our volunteers and supporters about the care at St Ann's.

By Reason Digital on November 7, 2017

Day Care Kath Tweede

We’re so proud that every year we get hundreds of letters, emails and social media posts from members of the St Ann’s community, praising our services, talking about their own experiences of the hospice, and thanking staff and volunteers for their care and support, that we wanted to share them with you.

It’s great to be able to reflect on the impact our work has on people from right across Greater Manchester, and also to dispel myths around what hospice care is, and the wide range of services and types of support we give to local people

We’ve gathered together just a few quotes which have been received from patients, carers and family members, to share with you below.

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The best care you can get, everybody is so patient and caring.
Everyone is so kind and helpful, it is a joy to talk to every one of the staff.
The hospice is very inviting - not a scary place as I expected.
The staff were so friendly, and they were there to listen to my problems and help guide me along.
So pleased with the treatment I was given. The lady was very understanding and made me feel very relaxed.
The support I have received has been very valuable and has made a real change to me and how I perceive things moving forward.
Very friendly and supportive staff. Relaxing atmosphere. Lovely treatment.
The people here are all genuine and care about the individual. They are interested in helping you and your family.
The counsellor has been amazing in my sessions. I can't thank her enough.
A wonderful service that has picked me up off the floor when I needed it the most.

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