Our Patient Carer Group

By News Team on December 13, 2017

The importance of feedback from service users is something that organisations should never underestimate.

Staff close to an organisation can come up with what they think is the best new product or service idea, only to see it fall flat on its face when it’s launched and it comes in front of the people it was intended to appeal to.

At St Ann’s, we’re always learning from the comments and feedback from patients, their loved ones, and other people who come into contact with our organisation.  We actively encourage people to provide us with positive or constructive feedback, and have processes in place to ensure we’re able to consider or act on recommendations.

An important way we gather feedback at St Ann’s is via our Patient Carer Group.  As the name suggests, the group is made up of former and current patients of the hospice, as well as those who have experienced St Ann’s as carers or in support of their loved ones.

Staff from across the organisation will attend the bi-monthly meetings of the group to proactively seek their opinion on everything from new service development ideas, to leaflet content and signage, or anything in between.

The group is made up of a lively mix of people who all say they enjoy taking part and supporting St Ann’s.

But don’t just take our word for it. This is what members had to say when asked why they enjoy being part of the Patient Carer Group…

The hospice has done so much for me, and, in fact, it still is.  I really wanted to give something back, and this is the perfect way to be involved.
It’s really rewarding being part of the Patient Carer Group. It’s really pleasing to see that the hospice takes our feedback seriously and makes changes as a result.  It makes me feel like I’m having a positive impact.
The group isn’t a help group or a support group, but I find it supporting anyway.  It’s great to be surrounded by caring people who are all working to the same goal.
Coming to the meetings is a social trip for me.  I find it really enjoyable and I can have my say too.
I was a carer for my mum before she passed away in the hospice & I feel that by being part of the Patient Carer Group I’m somehow giving her a voice too; saying what she’d want me to say on her behalf.

The group meets every two months, and alternates the place of meeting between St Ann’s Little Hulton and Heald Green sites.

Fancy joining our Patient Carer Group?

To find out more, or if you’re interested in joining the group click on the link below for more details.

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