Interesting facts about our Trustees

By News Team on November 16, 2018

We’re enormously grateful to our Board of Trustees. They’re all volunteers and are committed to ensuring the hospice continues to be properly governed, as well as generously sharing their extensive knowledge, strategical insight, and expertise.

Guess who!

As well as being experts in their field, our Trustees have some fascinating stories to tell. We’ve managed to get hold of some facts about each of them – but can you guess which
fact relates to which St Ann’s Trustee? Find out the facts below:

  1. Which Trustee . . .
    was once asked to sign a golf club in a restaurant when someone mistook them for Colin Montgomery?
  2. Which Trustee . . .
    is a huge Sunderland football fan, which is hard to take as he lives in Manchester?
  3. Which Trustee . . .
    was born in Openshaw, with the sight of the imposing Gorton Monastery visible from their bedroom window?
  4. Which Trustee . . .
    once sat next to Princess Anne in Southport? They shared a joke, but our trustee was so nervous that they don’t know what the joke was about!
  5. Which Trustee . . .
    has a silver medal for Highland Dancing, and danced at the Commonwealth games in Edinburgh?
  6. Which Trustee . . .
    captained the England men’s team twice at the Chess Olympiad – a huge international event which has teams from around 170 countries competing?
  7. Which Trustee . . .
    was Medical Director and Consultant in Palliative Medicine at St Ann’s from 1994-2002?
  8. Which Trustee . . .
    once played a game of pool with pop legend Lisa Stansfield…..and lost?


  1. Luke Dillon
  2. Mike Brown
  3. Alan Bond
  4. Fiona Taylor
  5. Kate Squire
  6. Allan Beardsworth
  7. Stephanie Gomm
  8. Steve Wilson

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