BEE a joker and send us your best buzzy jokes!

By News Team on March 15, 2019

To get us prepared for our Manchester Midday Walk, we want to you all get involved and send us some of your best bee jokes so that we can all have a buzzing good laugh.

To enter send us a picture of yourself looking buzzy either on your own or with a group along with one of your funniest bee jokes and the best ones will win a prize!

Email to enter the competition!

Here are a couple of jokes to get you inspired… let the laughter BEEgin!

What do you call a bee who can’t make up his mind? A may-bee! Oliver, 9
What did the bee say to the other bee when they landed on the same flower? Buzzz off! Charlie, 2
What is a bees favourite sport? Rug-Bee! Sam, 6
What goes zzub, zzub? A bee flying backwards! Felicity, 7

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