Quads turn Midnight Walk into birthday celebration

By News Team on April 26, 2019

Lots of mums will be joined by their daughters at the Manchester Midnight Walk on Friday, April 26.

But no family will surely match the unique story of Carol Higgins, from Burnage, who will be accompanied by her identical quadruplet daughters!  

It is still hard to tell them apart, especially as Louisa, Elaina, Rebecca and Sophia all have similar beautiful long dark hair.

The quads reach 29 in May and have decided to turn the 10k city centre walk into an early family birthday celebration.

Carol already had sons Carl and Barry when she underwent an emergency Caesarean  section at 30 weeks pregnant.

The babies, conceived naturally, were born within 60 seconds, each weighing under three pounds.

I didn't think they'd all survive and knew I'd get them mixed up, so for six months they kept wearing the name bracelets from hospital. I kept the same baby in the same cot. I was lucky to have amazing family support and my only regret is that it all went in a blur and I didn't have time to enjoy it. The girls are very supportive and protective of each other and are typical sisters. They have similar tastes in clothes and all like sport. Carol Higgins

Their celebrity led to an appearance on the Jay Leno chat show in Los Angeles, aged nine. Elaina works in a bank, Rebecca is with the RAF and Louisa is a police officer.  

The family were in the city when the Manchester Arena bomb attack happened almost two years ago.  

We were on a night out in town that night and everyone was touched by what happened. Like me the girls love Manchester. I was born and bred here and have never lost my roots and my dad Cecil was a police sergeant in the city centre. Trying to us all get together isn't easy and it'll be our first time doing the Manchester Midnight Walk which brings the community together. We've lost a lot of family and friends to cancer and know from experience the care and compassion that hospices offer patients and families. Carol Higgins