Meet Our New Trustees Q&A – Darren Holt

By News Team on June 27, 2019

Can you please tell us a bit about your background?

I was brought up in Blackpool but lived in Manchester since leaving university. I am newly married to Jude (a head of department at the hospice), have a daughter, Emily, at university in Sheffield, and two step children, Sean and Katie in primary school.

I have been a Chartered Accountant for over 25 years, working in the property/construction sector for nearly the last 20.

Why did you decide to join St Ann’s as a Trustee?

I had been wanted to put ‘something back’ into the community for a while and was thinking of maybe helping out with a local sports club but heard of the vacancy at St Ann’s and thought: “I could do that”.

Were you familiar with the hospice before you joined the Board?

Yes, as I said earlier, my wife, Jude, has worked at the hospice for over two years now.

What are you looking forward to most when it comes to working with St Ann’s as a Trustee? 

Working with a great team of people, everyone I have met has been so warm and friendly. Getting involved in moving the hospice agenda forward, particularly, given my experience, in assisting with the intended work on the hospice at Heald Green.

Have you met many people at the hospice yet?  What are your first impressions of the hospice?

I have met a good number so far but there are plenty more faces to be put to names heard over the dinner table.

My first impression has been one of a can-do attitude with a firm focus on friendliness, warmth and care.

Do you live locally?

I have lived near Altrincham for over 25 years. I arrived a couple of months after the first Metrolink tram, which seems an eternity ago now.

What do you think of St Ann’s reputation within local communities in Greater Manchester?

I think St Ann’s has a fantastic reputation, hard earned and deserved for all the great work it does and is looking to build upon.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love pretty much all sport, primarily football, being a lifelong Blackpool FC supporter. As I have got older the propensity to watch rather than play is increasing rather dramatically, but our golden retriever demands I maintain a healthy level of exercise as he loves a run in the countryside.

Can you please tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know?

I once had an interview for a student summer job that went so badly that not only did I not get the job but the interviewer refused to talk to my pal who was sitting outside ready to follow me in. Happily my interview skills improved soon enough thereafter.

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