Food, glorious food!

By News Team on September 5, 2019

Time for tea

Food is very important to us here at St Ann’s. Whether that’s a biscuit with a brew, or a cake to celebrate a birthday, or a hearty lunch to see us through the afternoon, you can’t get very far in our hospices without coming across something delicious.

We know food is very important to the people we care for too – on one of our feedback forms, a family member once wrote “My dad said you make the best poached eggs ever.” That’s why we do all we can to ensure we provide the very best food for our patients.

Clinincal Elaine Brennan Dietician

We have a dietitian who helps to ensure that patients are getting the nutrition they need. Different illnesses and treatments can impact on a person’s ability to eat or swallow, and food may taste different. We can help create plans and develop solutions to ensure our patients are getting the nutrition they need.

We’ve refreshed our food and drink offerings in the coffee shops in our hospices, to provide a wider choice and healthier options.

We’ve also looked at how we can be as kind to the environment as possible, moving to glass instead of plastic milk bottles and introducing new packaging which is compostable and made from renewable or recycled materials.

Our incredible catering team are often called upon to create treats for our patients. Whether it’s an extra special birthday cake, or a buffet to celebrate a national holiday, or a wonderful Christmas dinner, we never fail to be amazed by what they come up with.

We believe in taking care of the whole person, and to us, that certainly includes ensuring everyone is well fed!