Swapping heels for wheels

Our Individual Giving and Legacy Fundraiser, Clare Sweeney, is taking on the London to Paris bike ride on 25th September, here she tells us why she decided to take on this challenge.

By News Team on September 24, 2019

I’m not a cyclist. I know this because I happen to be pals with plenty of people who are and if I ever go out for a bike ride with them, I can only keep up if they have already done a 60 mile training ride and my little bit, the part where I am absolutely on my limit, is their cool-down-free-peddling bit. Often rolling downhill towards a handy pub.

My normal territory is clomping around St Ann’s in un-sensible shoes that lets everyone else know that I am on my way.

So why on earth, did I sign up for a London to Paris challenge? Okay, I did this because it was day one of my time here as a fundraiser at St Ann’s and two things struck me.

First of all, I was overwhelmed by the care, support and positive atmosphere shared by everyone associated with the hospice. This upbeat positivity is directed at patients and their families but is also between staff and volunteers. I’ve honestly never worked in such a genuinely nurturing and empathetic environment.

The second reason? I wanted to make friends with these wonderful people, and contribute to my new workplace by putting money where my mouth is and actually fundraise, personally. I know that this is two reasons rolled into one and I haven’t massively succeeded on either front yet. So far I’m the only one taking on this challenge, so my friends are my supporters an in terms of meeting my target, I’ve got a hefty fundraising feat to go. But I’m determined.

I’ve been training. I’ve become familiar with the expression, ‘ewh, I’m a bit saddle sore,’ and my legs have a cycling shorts tan line, one I’m pretty proud of. I think I might be able to make it through the mile to Paris, every turn of the way thinking how lucky I am to represent St Ann’s.

I do need a sponsorship boost. Could you help by donating just the equivalent of a cup of coffee or cinema treat and help me raise vital funds to allow the warm embrace of St Ann’s to extend its reach to all the people with life-limiting illnesses in our local area that really need hospice care?

Please sponsor me here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/clarersweeney