Our Little Hulton Celebration Tree Anniversary

Our Little Hulton Celebration Tree is officially one year old, and here, our Fundraiser Clare Sweeney, shares more on why it's so important...

By News Team on October 9, 2020

“It has been a whole year since the beautiful sculpture of a Celebration Tree took pride of place on the wall of our reception area at St Ann’s in Little Hulton.

“It’s a lovely reminder of the memories that have been created by the care received at our hospice or out in the community. The leaves that have been added over the last twelve months are a loving testament to the lives that have been touched and the comfort received.

“It seems hard to imagine the unveiling now, a room full of people came together to celebrate, sharing cake and happy thoughts about the people we were gathered together to remember.

“Now the tree stands quietly in a reception area that no longer has as many visitors, for the time being, but the leaves still sparkle and fundraisers at the hospice have had some really heartwarming conversations with supporters who are renewing their commitment to sponsor a leaf and keep their loved one’s name on the tree.”

“Memories of the care that was received have been repeated and a strong theme flowed through many of the conversations, the relief at being looked after and comforted so kindly is what comes across so strongly and how welcome everyone feels when they arrive at the hospice.”

“One supporter, in particular, Mark Olson continues to celebrate the care his Dad, Stan received and he was happy to share his memory and a photo of his Dad with his grandchildren and Mark’s mum, just a year before he died.

“Mark answered our call about Stan’s leaf when he was laying paving stones in his garden, a project he’d undertaken while shielding at home during lockdown, much to his own son’s concern. Only slightly breathless from sprinting in for the phone, he soon found himself warmly remembering how glad he was that his Dad had been at the hospice.”

Mark said:


One particular memory for me is that I was unfortunately 20 minutes too late to arrive at the Little Hulton and I arrived just after Stan had sadly died. But I was very much comforted as the nurse explained she had been with him at the end holding his hand. Mark Olson

“People who have experienced hospice care, know that they will be greeted with love and many relatives are now proud that their loved one’s name has become part of the welcome as other people come through the hospice doors.”

If you would like to sponsor a leaf please get in touch by calling 0161 498 3631 or visiting the website here.