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Ruth Labrow, Creative Therapist at St Ann’s, tells us about The Being You Centre’s creative therapy programme…

By News Team on October 26, 2020

Ruth Creative Therapist Daycare

The Being You Centre at St Ann’s helps you when you’re living with a life-limiting illness to get back to feeling like yourself again. 

We offer a really popular six-week course, during which we cover five different art and craft activities. We use basic art materials, along with items that can be collected from in and around the home. Patients get the opportunity to share ideas, build on existing confidence, or discover new skills, which can be developed once the course has finished. 

Due to current restrictions, we’re not able to offer our conventional in-house creative service at The Being You Centre, so we’ve recently started virtual creative sessions. It's lovely to be able to engage with patients online where possible. 
Ruth Creative Therapist Daycare Painting

Our virtual creative therapy sessions give patients the opportunity to work creatively within a group, but from the comfort of their own homes. Our intention is to continue to offer this online option alongside our usual services once we can get patients back on site to enable us to reach patients who otherwise would not be able to access the service. 

The benefits of creative therapies are already well known, but during these current times, having something to absorb, distract and interest us has become more important than ever. Even with the best of intentions, it can be very hard to motivate ourselves independently, so our aim is to get like-minded people together, using what means we have available, such as starting this virtual service. 

As well as our six-week course, we also have a series of craft sessions on our YouTube channel. In each video, I make some of our Being You Centre’s most popular crafts. These are free for anyone to watch, so you can follow along in your own home or share with anyone you think might benefit from them. 

If you’re interested in joining our five-week programme, these videos are also a great way of trying out a craft session at home to see what it’s like and if you’d like to make a referral to join our programme virtually. 

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