Cycling to work Scheme

Damian Lacey, Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner, suggested to HR that St Ann’s could sign up to a cycle to work scheme to support staff wellbeing. Hear about why he loves cycling to work...

By News Team on May 25, 2021

“I started at the hospice in January last year, as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. The role is a trainee post and I am currently undertaking an accelerated Master’s degree apprenticeship at MMU.   

Have you always cycled to work? 

“In my previous role as a community Macmillan nurse covering East Cheshire, I wasn’t able to cycle to work as I needed my car to fulfil my role.  I used to run with Macclesfield Harriers, to keep fit, however with the added pressures of study and work I had been finding it difficult to fit exercise into my daily routine.   

“I decided to start cycling to work to fit exercise into my daily routine. 

“I borrowed a bike initially but then decided I needed something better. A friend suggested the cycle to work scheme, so I emailed and went to see Michelle Bradbury ask if it was something the hospice might consider.  I was also aware of several of my colleagues on the ward who also were interested in the scheme. 

“I picked my bike up about 10 weeks ago and I now cycle daily.”  

What are some of the benefits of cycling to work? 

“I have a gorgeous commute down the Middlewood way, and when I get to work, I feel really awake and alive, it is an amazing feeling really.  Even in bad or cold weather I still enjoy my commute and I feel it is really helping me mentally as well as physically.   It has inspired me to also start mountain biking with a group in my local area.”   

“It has really had a positive impact on me and my health.   

“I think a further benefit for me is I still love my running and cycling really complements this from a fitness aspect, and I feel it is really helpful for me as I am training for the London marathon also this year in October, it helps to give me a good level of fitness and stamina.”   

What are some of the things you’ve got through the scheme? 

“I was able to get a really nice commuter bike with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.  I was also able to get a really good bike lock as well as a toolkit for any, I also added mudguards and some really good bike lights.  

“As part of the scheme, you also get discounted insurance, which I did take out in case of theft as I don’t want to be off-road long.”

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