Sixteen Firewalk for St Ann’s

Sixteen brave ‘soles’ took on a special challenge in aid of our patients, putting a hot new spin on the perceptions of a lockdown stroll.

By News Team on June 7, 2021

Participants in the St Ann’s sponsored Firewalk event hot-footed it over 20ft of wood embers, burning at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit – all to raise money to help patients with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. 

Run in accordance with government Covid-19 guidance, the event took place at our Little Hulton site, with those brave enough to try the challenge supported by expert Firewalk organisers Blaze. 

Sponsorship raised so far by the sixteen walkers who took part exceeds £5,000, a sum which will help our teams to continue providing care for local people. 

After such a difficult year, it was - quite literally – heart-warming to see our first small fundraising event taking place. The brave participants took on the once in a lifetime challenge in such good spirits, and we are so grateful for their support. It’s our 50th anniversary this year, and throughout 2021 there are lots of ways people can get involved and support St Ann’s. We’re one of the oldest and largest hospices outside of London and so proud to have reached this amazing anniversary milestone, but we’ve only been able to do so thanks to the community who support us. Their unending enthusiasm is incredible, and I’m looking forward to the rest of this celebratory year. Thanks again to all of the fabulous Firewalkers. Rachel McMillan, Chief Executive

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