5 minutes with… Andy Lunn

We sit down to chat with Andy Lunn, Music Facilitator in Little Hulton, about his role at the hospice

By News Team on June 23, 2021

Music facilitator Andy sat on a chair holding a guitar and smiling

What does your role involve?

“I am the Music Facilitator at The Being You Centre at St Ann’s Hospice in Little Hulton. This is a brand new role which was set up to offer music interventions as part of the broader creative therapies team.

“The music interventions I offer are completely personalised to each individual. They could be as simple as playing music to patients or writing and making music together.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Music interventions can impact patients in many different ways… Singing for lung health, calming patients down, helping with pain and generally enhancing wellbeing.

“Since starting, we’ve bought a number of weird and wonderful instruments which I’m pleased to say have captured people’s imaginations!”

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

“I’ve started recording original music that our complementary therapists use during their sessions. We’ve also shared it online so patients, carers and staff can listen at home to help them unwind and relax. The first song was recorded on the ward live whilst a patient received complementary reiki therapy – it sent them off to sleep!

What’s surprised you most about St Ann’s?

“This is my first role in a hospice. My previous experience has all been within educational settings, mainly helping students overcome barriers to learning. There has been a lot to learn, but I’m truly honoured to be part of such a brilliant team.”

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the birthday year?

“I’m planning to celebrate St Ann’s 50th birthday by recording 50 guitar intros in my friend’s studio, as soon as he lets me in… Bobby Magee, our Advanced Physiotherapist, and I will also be recording a song together.”

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