St Ann’s special art installation

Rachel McMillan, St Ann's Chief Executive, reflects on our art installation at The Trafford Centre, and how creativity has played a part in our care over the past 50 years.

By Rachel McMillan on June 23, 2021

Rachel McMillan sat in the hospice gardenholding a metal forget-me-not

Art and creativity have played a huge part in the care we’ve provided to patients and those closest to them over the last fifty years. The use of creative therapy is a great way for people to reflect and communicate their thoughts and feelings with the supervision and guidance of a qualified therapist.

Creative therapy projects such as memory boxes, paintings, or crafts, can often be a way for patients to come together in groups to talk with other likeminded people, to hone their skills or take up a new hobby, and can also allow individuals to create amazing, unique pieces to share with their family and friends.

Even during the pandemic, our teams have supported and provided patients with creative projects they could try at home, proving invaluable for some especially during challenging periods of lockdown.

It’s therefore fitting that we’re continuing our 50th anniversary celebrations with a very special creative project that we’re hoping people in Stockport will join us and be part of.

This summer, St Ann’s has partnered with local artist Lindi Kirwin and The Trafford Centre on a special art installation, which will not only help us to continue our half a century birthday celebrations, but will give local people the opportunity to own a very special piece of St Ann’s history too.

Funds raised from the installation will also help us to continue providing services such as creative therapies to our patients.

The ‘A Slice of History’ installation, which will be on display at The Trafford Centre between 16th and 30th June, will be created with a thousand metal forget-me-nots, which individuals can purchase and receive after the installation to keep in their own home or place of remembrance.

The piece, which will take the form of a huge cake, symbolising birthdays, but also gatherings of friends and family, will also feature a surprise for visitors – a special candle which lights up in celebration as donations are made.

The installation’s title, ‘A Slice of History’, recognises the fact that St Ann’s was one of the pioneering hospices in the UK. We’re incredibly proud of our place in Stockport’s history, and we’re always so touched that local people are proud of our charity and want to support us too. It’s incredibly moving to think what this installation will represent. A thousand lives remembered in the forget-me-nots which are used to create it, and many thousands more lives that we’ve been proud to be part of over the last fifty years too.

The beautiful metal forget-me-nots which are used to create the birthday cake installation are also available now to purchase, and will be sent to supporters after the installation so they can keep them in their garden or home.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this installation a reality, and to everyone who has purchased one of the metal forget-me-nots. We really appreciate your support, and it will help us to continue caring for people in Stockport into the future too.

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You can buy a flower from our installation, to keep at home in your garden or special place of remembrance. Every flower sold will help us continue to provide the best care for patients and their loved ones for the next 50 years and beyond.

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