Win £50 with St Ann’s Scratchcards!

Win £50 with St Ann's whilst raising vital funds for your local hospice during our 50th anniversary year!

By News Team on June 30, 2021

Fancy getting your hands on a £50 prize, whilst also supporting St Ann’s? 

When Covid-19 restrictions limited many of the fundraising events and activities that we had planned for our 50th birthday year, our teams had to think creatively to come up with solutions to help raise the £20,000 a day needed to care for patients. 

Knitting challenges, plant growing, duck races, and prize-winning scratch cards are just some of the ways that local people can get involved in our half a century celebrations throughout 2021. 

Special limited edition anniversary scratch cards offer you the chance to sell word squares for £2.50 to their family and friends, before revealing the winning word hidden behind the scratch-off panel.  The person who has chosen the winning slot will receive £50, with the remaining £50 being donated to St Ann’s. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been part of St Ann’s history over the last half a century, whether as patients, family members, staff, volunteers, or supporters, and we’d love as many of those as possible to come forward and help us celebrate.  These scratch cards are just one of the many ways people can join in, and they come with the added bonus of a special prize too – the supporters win, and our patients do too thanks to the donations made. We’re hugely proud to have reached our 50th birthday, and it’s only thanks to the local community that we’ve been able to do that.  That’s especially true over the last year when we’ve all been working really hard to continue providing care throughout the pandemic.    We’re providing a huge range of services to local people, whether via our inpatient units on our hospice sites, or virtually.  We’re also caring for people in their own homes, or the place they call home, and I’m really proud of how we’ve adapted to continue doing that despite the obvious challenges that have come with the Covid-19 pandemic. Rachel McMillan, Chief Executive

To mark our 50th year, we’ve created a special ‘50 ways to support St Ann’s’ guide which features a range of fundraising ideas, as well as other ways people can get involved such as in our shops, by playing our lottery or helping to spread the word on social media. 

Rachel added: “We know it’s been a strange time for everyone, and even though lots of our birthday events and activities sadly can’t go ahead as planned due to the current restrictions and guidance, we’re really excited that there are still lots of ways people can be part of the celebrations. 

“Please join us in whatever way you can – any support, whether big or small is hugely appreciated and will mean a lot to our patients and their loved ones.  It will also be fun to be part of it too, I promise!” 

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