St Ann’s new training for community-based care providers

St Ann’s Hospice has created a special training session to support community-based health and social care providers, including care and nursing home staff, to help them recognise when someone may be approaching the end of their life, and how best to care for them.

By News Team on September 9, 2021

A magnifying glass with an eye inside, and the words 'recognising dying' underneath

The free online training will cover an introduction to palliative and end of life care, as well as the signs that indicate someone may be in the last year or last days of life.   

It will also help identify ways to support people as they near end of life, and advise on ways that staff and carers can also ensure their own wellbeing during what can be a challenging and mentally difficult time. 

The training is available in a number of slots throughout September, October and November, with the hospice also offering additional free sessions online or in person for teams who aren’t able to make the scheduled dates.  

The pandemic has put the invaluable role of care and nursing homes in the spotlight, and we know it can be difficult for staff to sometimes recognise the signs of when someone may be approaching end of life, or why that might be an important thing to do.  As experts in palliative and end of life care, we recognise that the part care and nursing home staff play in the support of residents as they approach the end of life is incredibly important. This training will hopefully give them tools and knowledge to help ensure that the people they are caring for receive the very best possible support, and that those around them can also be prepared.  At the hospice, we’re committed to improving palliative and end of life care across Greater Manchester and beyond.  We know the difference holistic, collaborative care has on people’s experiences, and we also advocate conversations to ensure that an individual’s wishes can be listened to and hopefully delivered. Rachel McMillan, Chief Executive of St Ann’s Hospice

Rachel added: “There’s always such a huge importance placed on how people are born, but people’s experience at the end of their life is just as important.  

“When thinking about end of life care, I always think about how I’d want one of my own loved ones to be treated, and that really motivates me to ensure we can carry on providing world-class care, whilst also sharing that specialist knowledge with others in the health and social care community.” 

To find out more, or to book a place on the free training session, visit, email Siobhan Kenyon at or call 0161 498 3645. 

Care Home Training

Get more information about the training and watch a short animation about how to recognise dying on our training page.

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