St Ann’s Homeless Palliative Care Coordinator featured on international news site

By News Team on December 21, 2021

For most people, when asked where they would like to be cared for and to spend their last days, their wish is to be at ‘home’. Home means so much more than just the physical structure you live in; it’s a place of emotional support, safety, shelter. A place to retreat to at the end of the day and somewhere to take shelter from the world when you are unwell. Niamh Brophy, Homeless Palliative Care Coordinator

It is estimated that at least 150 million people across the world do not have a place to call home. Instead, they live their lives on the streets, or staying in insecure or temporary accommodation. These environments are often ill equipped to support someone whose health is deteriorating.

At St Ann’s, we envisioned a different approach to care in order to reach people who might not traditionally access our services. We always want to provide support in a way that is best tailored to people’s individual needs and wishes, and recognise that a hospice building isn’t always right for everyone.

This week Niamh Brophy, our Homeless Palliative Care Coordinator, told ehospice about our approach to homelessness and palliative care, and shared some of best practice and practical steps people can take to make services more accessible which are highlighted in our new film.

You can read the article online on ehospice.

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