Providing a safe, secure and a caring environment for everyone.

Values - Compassionate icon

• I understand how I affect the experience we create for our patients and their families.
• I recognise that demonstrating care and compassion is an absolute requirement in my work.
• I recognise that I will struggle to be caring and compassionate to our patients, families and carers if I am not caring and compassionate with my colleagues.
• I don’t assume to know what our patients want
• I recognise that my job only exists because of the generosity of the community we serve and I will support the fundraising team as often as possible.
• I communicate effectively, particularly around the needs of the patient.
• I support my colleagues.
• I will respond compassionately, politely and honestly in all circumstances and situations.

Many of the people who donate items to our shops have suffered great losses and it’s important to show compassion for that loss, whilst helping them to continue to support their local hospice. Ryan Perkins, Trading Company Administrator
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