Recognising and accepting that everyone is different

Values - Inclusive Icon


• I understand that the needs of our patients and their families are paramount. I work collaboratively with colleagues and partners to fulfil those needs.
• I communicate effectively, particularly around the needs of the patient and their families.
• I recognise that I am part of a team and I must work at being an inclusive team member.
• I resist the creation of cliques or factions that could cause difficulties in respect of team working.
• I take time to learn from examples of best practice and I attempt to share this learning.
• I value diversity. I recognise people are different and I treat people fairly according to their needs, without judging.
• I consider the circumstances in which our patients, families and carers find themselves.

It’s so important to me to make patients and their families feel welcome when they come to the hospice, and treat everyone as an individual by being sensitive to their different needs. Anne Tinnion, Volunteer
Anne Tinnion - Volunteer