Treating everyone with dignity and respect

Values - Respectful Icon

• I inspire the people around me by choosing a positive attitude every day.
• I notice how I behave and the impact this has on others.
• I recognise colleagues for their contribution and celebrate success.
• I treat patients, families, carers and our staff and volunteers as individuals.
• I communicate with integrity, I am open and honest.
• I don’t shy away from difficult conversations, and I don’t bear grudges.
• I listen to other people’s opinions and put my own views forward in a constructive way.
• I focus on solutions and desired results in order to make things work.
• I welcome the opportunity to promote the hospice and our work.

Being respectful in my role means doing the utmost to provide a secure environment where patients can feel a sense of self-worth and know that their own values are respected. Mags Holt, Keyworker
Mags Holt - Neil Cliffe Centre Keyworker