Christmas Tree Recycling

Recycle your Christmas tree to help support local patients and their families.

National charity, JustHelping, is once again organising Christmas tree collections in local areas to raise money for St Ann’s. 

This year they will be collecting trees in the following postcodes from the 14th – 17th January 2021.

SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, M20, M21, M22, M27, M30, M32, M33

For more details, or to book a tree collection, please visit

Your donation will enable us to continue to be there when it matters for local families.

  • £10.85 could help us to continue providing TVs and wifi for inpatients to enjoy during their stay
  • £20.60 could pay for a hand or foot massage with one of our therapists to help a patient or carer relax
  • £30.25 could pay for time for a patient to receive specialist support from a psychological support team member to help identify when some extra or different help is needed
  • £50.60 could pay for a treatment session for a patient with our lymphoedema, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or rehabilitation teams

In January 2020, they collected over 3,000 Christmas trees which raised over £38,000. We received a donation of £33,000 and the remaining amount being donated to local charities.

You can register your Christmas tree for collection from Sunday 15th November to Sunday 10th January.

For more information please get in touch with our Fundraising Team by emailing or by calling 0161 498 3631.

Volunteers needed! 

For the Christmas tree collection they are looking for:

  • Team Leaders – to co-ordinate the volunteers in a postcode area
  • Leaflet distributors – to distribute leaflets to homes in the local area and to Christmas tree sellers
  • Van drivers – to drive a van to collect the trees
  • Crew for the van – to collect the trees and drop off at the designated area

If you are interested and would like to discuss ways to get involved with the Christmas tree collection, please email or go to the Just Helping website and complete the Contact Form on their page. Please note, safety measures will be in place to ensure volunteers remain safe during the collection process.

Volunteer Testimonials

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy volunteering for the Christmas tree recycling scheme. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and have managed to get some people from Construction Q involved too. The first time we did it we thought it was going to be really hard work so organised ourselves into shifts, but it was such good fun that we all worked through the whole day. Like a lot of people, I volunteer to give something back and it’s brilliant to be able to do something to support St Ann’s Hospice. It’s such a well-known charity in the area, and for good reason. Thanks to Just Helping’s Christmas tree recycling scheme I’m able to do my bit for a really valuable cause while also having a great time. Fiona Hull, Construction Q
I am a volunteer at Heatons Scouts and when I met Clare Hinton from Just Helping last year and she told me about the Christmas tree recycling initiative I thought it would be a great thing for us to get involved in. Our scouts and their parents distributed thousands of leaflets promoting the Christmas tree collection last year. They also helped on collection day itself along with some of our adult explorer scouts. The local Rotary club of Stockport Lamplighters gave out lots of leaflets from their Santa sleigh during the Heatons’ Christmas Festival too, and kindly did the same on every journey the sleigh made over the festive season. We are all very proud of the fact that our help doubled the number of trees collected and the amount raised in the Heatons last year, and we’re looking forward to raising even more this year. I feel that it’s important to volunteer to help raise money for charities like St Ann’s Hospice. St Ann’s has cared for several of my friends’ relatives and the help and support they received was amazing. You just never know if one day you might also need this support, which is why it’s important to do as much as you can to help hospices like St Ann’s continue to care for people at a time when they need it most. The scouts and the Rotary are very happy to be involved in the scheme again this year too. Some of them have relatives who have been very ill, so they appreciate being able to do something that they know could make a difference to others going through the same thing. Kay Ruby, Heatons Scouts
I’d heard about other Christmas tree recycling schemes and thought they sounded like a great idea, especially as a way of raising funds for charities. I’m a member of Kinder Mountain Rescue Team and had been thinking about setting up our own scheme as there wasn’t one in my area, but then last year I saw a flyer for Just Helping’s scheme, so it was perfect timing really. I volunteered on two days last year collecting trees. I did one day with one of my colleagues from Kinder Mountain Rescue Team and then went back to help another day because I’d enjoyed it so much. It appeals to me for so many different reasons. It’s a really simple idea, but raises a lot of money for the community in a short space of time.  It makes it easier for people to dispose of their tree and the trees are recycled. It’s also a fun thing to do, so it’s basically a win win situation. I have a full time job as a lawyer, so running around picking up trees for charity is a great way to spend a couple of days. My grandmother was cared for by St Ann’s. Unfortunately, she died very quickly after being admitted but in the short time she was there, it was really just 24 hours, the care she received, and the support we were given, was amazing. I can’t praise St Ann’s and all hospices highly enough, they’re amazing places. This year I’m volunteering again helping to increase the number of trees collected in areas like Marple, Romiley and Offerton, and also collecting trees after Twelfth Night between the 10th and 12th of January. There’s a big opportunity to raise even more money for St Ann’s and other local causes. Last year Kinder Mountain Rescue, and many other local charities, also received a donation from Just Helping thanks to the scheme. This meant so much to us as we’re on call 24/7 every day of the year, even Christmas Day, but we don’t receive any government funding at all, so depend solely on donations and fundraising. Amanda Howlett, Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
I’ve been a keen fundraiser since 2012 when my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Thankfully he’s well now but the experience really made me determined to give something back. There’s a group of us now that do fundraising events together, we call ourselves Team Hesketh as it’s our local pub. We’re all businessmen motivated by the same thing, to try to make a difference in our own way. In the past we’ve done the Great North Run for the Teenage Cancer Trust and the London Marathon for Make A wish among others, there’s quite a long list! We’ll do a number of events throughout the year so in a way getting involved in Just Helping’s Christmas tree recycling scheme is the beginning of our annual fundraising campaign. We’ve helped out with the collection for the last three years and I also sponsor leaflets promoting the scheme through my business, Famous Henrys barbers. We all get together to pitch in, another member of the team, who runs Movers Transport, provides a couple of vans for the collection and we cover Bramhall, Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme. One of our good friends died last year and he had been cared for by St Ann’s, so we have a special reason to help raise funds for the hospice this year. Chris Syddall, Famous Henry’s
I’ve been helping with the Christmas tree recycling scheme for about four years now, it’s a fantastic idea. My main motivation was to give something back to the community and I can’t think of a better cause to help than St Ann’s. The Christmas tree collection is such great fun. My husband or son usually comes along with me and we’ll spend the whole day helping out. There’s a real community spirit among the volunteers and also the people that have signed up for the scheme, everyone’s so friendly. You get to know other people that help out as well, as many of the same people volunteer each year. It’s always good to see new faces though, the more people that volunteer the more trees we can collect and the more money we can raise for St Ann’s. I’ve also run an advert on Just Helping’s flyer promoting the scheme for the last few years, which helps them to keep their costs down so more money goes to the hospice and other local charities. Like many people in Greater Manchester I’ve had friends that have been cared for by St Ann’s and know what a fantastic place it is, and I’m so pleased to be able to do something to show my support. Lesley Lavin, Oscars Pet Food