Get Elfie

Get Elfie is all about having fun whilst raising money for a fantastic cause.

How you Get Elfie is up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

Elfie Dress Up Days
Instead of the usual dress down days or non-uniform days, have an Elfie fancy dress day! Ask for a donation for people to spend the day dressed as an Elf.

Get Fit and Elfie
You could hold an Elfie Dash, which is simply a race with the competitors dressed as ‘Elf-letes’, do a sponsored Elf-walk, or if you go to or run an exercise class, why not hold one where all the participants dress as elves?

Elfie Movie Marathon
Turn your board room, class room, staff room or even your living room into a cinema, and show ‘Elf’ or your favourite Christmas film. Charge a small entry fee and sell snacks and drinks, just like going to the movies!

These are just some of our Elfie ideas – how many can you come up with?

To download your Get Elfie fundraising pack click the link below. We’d love to know if you are taking part in Get Elfie and what ideas you have so please email or call 0161 498 3631 to let us know.