Covid Impact Appeal

Please can you help protect St Ann’s as the effects of Coronavirus continue?

We’ve all been affected by Covid-19. It’s been a challenging and worrying time for all of us, and our thoughts are with you and your family. As we all start to find our new normal and adapt to the changes that the Coronavirus has enforced upon us, we know that challenging times are still ahead.

The impact of Coronavirus on the hospice has already been huge. Our nurses, doctors and other staff have been working around the clock on the front line, and adapting our services to ensure that patients and their families can access the care they need at an extremely vulnerable time in their life.

Keeping everyone safe has been our top priority, whilst ensuring that those who need us receive timely, personalised support from our specialist teams, whether as ongoing palliative care or at the end of their life. Emma Dixon, Director of Clinical Services
We’ve been supporting more patients than ever at home or in other community settings through lockdown, and ensuring their individual care needs are fully met, helping to avoid hospital admissions, and manage their pain and symptoms too. A reassuring presence during an extremely difficult time. Jo Laidlow, Hospice at Home Sister

We’ve not only seen a rise in the need for our services across Greater Manchester, but we’ve also seen a significant financial impact too. Many of our fundraising events and activities have been postponed or cancelled, our shops forced to closed and large numbers of businesses who also support our work have been closed or unable to do so. We currently face a £1m funding gap for the year.

We’re fortunate to have a huge number of loyal supporters in our local community and we want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Your support has never been more important, and you’ve enabled us to keep our doors open so far, and to give our patients the specialist care they need. Eamonn O'Neal, Director of Strategic Initiatives

The support that our patients and their families need will not wait until the crisis is over. We need your support now, to ensure that we can continue our care. If you are able, please help us in one of three ways:

If you can do one, two, or all of these things, it really will help us to support patients and families who need our specialist care at a very vulnerable time in their life. Thank you for your support.