Our 50th Birthday Appeal

St Ann's is 50 and to mark the monumental milestone we're asking you to help our hospice in one of three ways, ensuring we can continue to provide care to our community for the next 50 years and beyond!

As well as being a year of looking ahead and hoping for positive changes for all of us, 2021 is a huge milestone that everyone at St Ann’s has been looking forward to for a long time. This year we’re celebrating our 50th birthday and would love for you to join in the celebrations.

A lot has changed since our doors first opened in 1971, but the ethos of the hospice, to support people affected by life-limiting illnesses to live the best possible quality of life they can, remains the same – even through extraordinarily difficult times such as the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re really proud and excited to be marking this significant moment in our history.

The last twelve months have been so worrying and challenging for all of us, and at St Ann’s the impact of the pandemic has been huge. We’ve only been able to be responsive and safely deliver the care that patients and families have desperately needed thanks to the St Ann’s community. Thank you.

The last 50 years of care have only been possible because of the support and donations given by people like you.Despite the challenging circumstances, we’ve got so much planned for this year to mark our 50th anniversary.

Will you please help us celebrate 50 years of St Ann’s care by giving in one of the following ways?

By giving St Ann’s one or more of these special milestone birthday gifts, you’ll be helping to make sure future generations can access our specialist care when they need it too. The St Ann’s family certainly reaches far and wide, and we couldn’t be more grateful for everything you do for us. Thank you in advance for your ongoing help, and for ensuring we can continue to care for another 50 years and beyond. Rachel McMillan, Chief Executive of St Ann's
Sara and Liz - now and then

Care across the generations…

Supporters Sara and Liz O’Brien have a connection to St Ann’s that has lasted over five decades in both work and fundraising for our hospice.

Sara, a former Staff Nurse and Liz who is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine and part of the on call medical team at St Ann’s have experienced first hand the care of St Ann’s whilst also dedicating many years to helping patients and families in the Greater Manchester community.

Sara said: “St Ann’s means so much to us and over the years we’ve been grateful to experience the services and to work for and support the hospice wherever we can.”

Read Sara and Liz’s story here.

St Ann's is 50!

Take on any of our 50 fundraisers, events or activities during 2021 and help make a difference to your local hospice.

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