Donate your Day

Can you support St Ann's this Leap Year and donate a day's wage?

Due to this year being a leap year we needed to give an extra day’s care to patients and their families on February 29th. It costs £20,000 to provide this extra day’s care. There’s still time to donate to our campaign, find out more details below.

The campaign was inspired by one of our own staff members, Dr Alison Phippen, here she explains more about the campaign.

Hi I’m Dr Alison Phippen, Associate Specialist at St Ann’s Hospice in Heald Green. I would love you to join me by donating your day’s wages to help St Ann’s raise the additional £20,000 it will need to cover it’s costs on February 29th this year.

While a leap year might not seem a big deal to many people, for charities that extra day can make a big difference. We’re hoping that lots of people across Greater Manchester will decide to mark the rarely seen 29th February by helping local patients and pledging a day’s wages to your local hospice.

The idea came to me after I’d completed some overtime, and I decided to donate what I’d earned back to the hospice. It was such a simple idea but I’ve seen first-hand what a huge difference gestures like that can make to our patients. We work very hard 365 days a year to not only care for patients with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses and their families, but also to raise the £20,000 we need every day to be able to do so. Without donations from people like you we just could not continue to provide the best standards of care to the patients on our wards, in our Being You Centres or out in the community.

Thank you for joining me in donating your day!


What do our staff do on a typical day at the hospice? Watch this film to find out from our nursing staff to our cooks, and also our hairdresser, how they all help to provide specialist care to our patients and their families each and every day.

We need to raise £20,000 a day to keep our services running.

Please help support our patients and raise as much as you can –

  • £8.55 food for a day for one of our inpatients
  • £85.24 could allow us to run our ambulance for a day
  • £300 could allow a patient to attend a day at our Being You Centre
  • £1,565 could pay for our Rehabilitation team to provide expert care to patients each day


Please donate your day’s wages to St Ann’s on our JustGiving page. Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 498 3631 to make a card payment over the phone, or donate here – please write in the comments that it’s for the campaign.

We are so grateful that you have chosen to support us this leap year. By donating a day’s wages you are helping us make a real difference to the patients and families we help every day across Greater Manchester.