Donate your Lockdown Savings

Can you spare your lockdown savings, the money you would have spent during the week, at the weekend or on subscriptions?

The current climate is calling for everyone to stay at home to stay safe. Shops, restaurants, gyms and entertainment complexes and non-essential retailers have closed, and for many, that means you’ll be saving some cash.

Now, we’re asking if can donate your savings or a proportion of your savings to help St Ann’s.

Donate Your Weekends

Weekends are typically the time for fun, with many spending on activities and entertainment. Are you able to donate a portion of what you’ve saved in not going out? 

Donate Your Subscriptions

Has your gym membership been frozen or have your TV sports packages been refunded? Could you donate the money that you would typically spend per month to St Ann’s?

Sponsor your Children

Make staying at home with the kids more entertaining by setting them sponsored challenges. Get creative with your ideas, set them the challenge of tidying up, cleaning, making something or even washing the car – the choice is entirely yours. 

Why not challenge your other parent friends by encouraging them to sponsor their children too?

You can do these daily or weekly and donate your money online.

Loose Change Challenge

Lockdown is the perfect time to search for all the money that gets forgotten about, the 10p at the bottom of an old bag, the 20p in an old coat pocket, or the 50p that slipped behind the sofa. Challenge yourself to search for the abandoned loose change; you could round your findings up to the nearest pound and donate online.

Support So Far

The support from our local community has been incredible, with many going the extra mile to raise funds and ensure that we can continue to do what we do.

Supporter, Georgina walked the length of Kilimanjaro by walking up and down her stairs, some of which was completed in an inflatable dinosaur suit!

Eight-year-old Olly, ran a 5k in his daily exercise time, with his mum Kelly, who is the Ward Manager at our Heald Green hospice.

Supporter Sarah, set up a virtual bingo event and invited everyone to join in.

If you’d like to support St Ann’s with a fundraiser of your own then contact our Fundraising Team at to get a fundraising information pack! 

At St Ann’s, we’re dedicated to providing the utmost care and support to our patients and their loved ones.

Per day, we need to raise £20,000 to continue to do what we do. The current situation has meant that many of our large-scale events have been postponed or cancelled, which has impacted on donations.

If you can, please donate to St Ann’s, you can do this here.

Thank you for your support.  We really do appreciate it.