Stay at Home Team Mates

Staying at home doesn't mean you still can't support St Ann's. We're launching a series of virtual events to keep you entertained during lockdown, whilst also raising much-needed funds for our hospice.

Now more than ever, it is essential that everyone stays at home (besides necessary travel), to ensure that we all remain safe during these uncertain times.

We appreciate that this can be difficult at times, which is why we’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can keep active and energised, whilst raising much-needed funds for our hospice by using your recommended daily exercise time.

Here are a few simple ways in which you can support St Ann’s while keeping safe!

Join the Manchester Virtual Walk

Our iconic Manchester Midnight Walk now has a virtual twist. We’re allowing everyone to get involved in our revamped event, with a challenge to walk 5K in any day of June or 10K in any week of June. Sign-up costs £5, and in return, you’ll receive a t-shirt, and upon completion, a medal – all you’ll need to do is contact our Events Team.

This event can be done however you like, wherever you want, it’s entirely yours! Get your tickets today.

Train for the Great Manchester Run

The popular Great Manchester Run will be returning at a later date of Sunday 6th September, meaning you’ve got extra time to train. Use your daily exercise allowance to build up strength and speed, so when the event rolls around, 10km or even half-marathon, depending on which option you choose, will be an easy feat!

Sign-up today and secure a FREE charity place.

Climb Every Mountain

It might not be possible to climb the natural wonders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate them. We’re challenging you to climb the distance of a mountain, right from the comfort of your home, by climbing your stairs over and over again. You can just use one static step, if you don’t have stairs at home, and can step on and off at will! 

Here are the challenges you can set yourself:

  • Take on Scafell Pike – 412 flights of stairs or 6180 steps
  • Climb Snowdon – 475 flight of stairs or 7120 steps
  • Hike Ben Nevis – 587 flights of stairs or 8810 steps
  • Three Peaks Challenge – 1474 flights of stairs or 22,110 steps

Setting a timescale of when you’ll do this is a great way to keep you motivated, and you can set up a Just Giving page here, so your friends and family can show their support.

Walk a Marathon

It takes 26 miles to complete a marathon, that’s a long way to go, but a setting yourself a goal of the number of days or weeks will make it easier, you can even complete this in your garden. Set up a Just Giving page today!

Virtual Peloton Race

Why not get creative with how you fundraise by challenging your friends and family to an indoor cycling race, whether that be by mounting your bike on rollers or using an exercise bike to take part in the challenge. You could set a distance of, say, ten miles, with the winner being the first to achieve this or you could host a race for 30 minutes, with the person reaching the furthest distance winning.

You could set an entry fee of £5 per person, with proceeds going to St Ann’s! The money raised can be easily donated here.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be a tiresome task, with a bit of creativity you can connect with your friends, have fun and challenge yourself, whilst raising much-needed funds for our hospice.

Every donation, no matter the size, goes a long way and enables our outstanding staff to continue to deliver world-class care and support to our patients and their loved ones.

If you’ve got a fundraiser in mind, then don’t forget to contact our Fundraising Team at to get a fundraising information pack! 

Don’t forget you can pay all your donations on our website right here.