How your support helps

We’re more than just a charity to our patients. Every single penny donated makes a huge difference to their lives.

Daycare Patient creative therapy

We’re proud to say that we provide much-needed support to thousands of local people completely free of charge. We receive just over a third of our funding from the NHS, meaning we need to raise £20,000 every day to keep the hospice doors open. As a charity, donations are always welcome, and we couldn’t continue to provide our services without the generosity of our supporters. 

  • £7.50 could go towards providing paints and art supplies for patients taking part in art therapies
  • Just £8.55 donated to the hospice could pay for food for a day for one of our patients
  • £10.30 could help us top up toys in our play area to give families a place to enjoy together
  • £15.80 could go towards the materials required for patients to make a memory box for loved ones
  • £20.60 donated to the hospice could pay for a massage to help a patient or carer relax
  • A £200 donation to the hospice could pay for a member of our community team to visit a patient at home
  • £426 donated to the hospice could pay to run our ambulance for a week

The donations we receive are really important to us. Every one helps someone.

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