How your support helps

We’re more than just a charity to our patients. Every single penny donated makes a huge difference to their lives.

We’re a charity and only a third of our funding comes from the NHS, meaning we need to raise £20,000 every day to keep the hospice doors open.

  • Just £5 donated to the hospice will pay for a meal for one of our patients
  • £20 enables us to provide a complementary therapy session for a patient or carer
  • A £25 donation gives a patient an appointment with one of our hairdressers to make them feel good
  • £30 will pay for an hour’s bereavement session for a loved one with our specialist team
  • £50 will provide a patient with an hour of treatment with our lymphoedema, physiotherapy or occupational therapy teams
  • £100 donated to the hospice will allow us to provide vital transport for patients to attend our services
  • A £200 donation pays for a St Ann’s community team member to visit a patient in their home
  • £300 enables a patient to attend one of our day therapy sessions to improve the quality of their life
  • It costs £500 a day to care for an in-patient in the hospice

The donations we receive are really important to us. Every one helps someone.

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