Patient Carer Group

Our Patient Carer Group provide a unique insight into what we do and how we communicate – and we value, and do our best to act on, their input.

At St Ann’s we’re always keen to hear feedback, whether positive or constructive, and we take into account comments or other information received from our patients, their families, other healthcare professionals and visitors when we’re developing or updating our services.

Our Patient Carer Group is just one of the ways we gather feedback, and is an invaluable source of information for the hospice.

The group is made up of patients and carers who have experienced our services, and provides a forum for us to gain the views of those people who are most important to us.

It’s a lively group, and members gather together every two months to help staff by giving opinions on proposed new services, leaflets, signage…in fact anything that impacts our patients or visitors to hospice sites.

Attendees give a unique insight into what we do at the hospice, and we value – and do our best to act on – their input.

Find out more from some of the members of the group here

If you’re interested in joining our patient and carers’ group, or would like more information, please contact Jude Edwards on 0161 498 3606 or email