Student volunteering

Aged 16-19 and looking for volunteering experience in a clinical setting? We offer ward-based volunteering roles for students looking to apply for medical/nursing degrees.

What you can expect from us:   

  • A ward-based volunteering role, where you will be able to engage with patients and our Multi-disciplinary team in a clinical setting (Please note that this is not a clinical placement and therefore you will not be able to observe any clinical care, the ward volunteering role is of a non-clinical nature)
  • St Ann’s Hospice Student Volunteering Recognition Award (on completion of 12 months)
  • A reference for university (on completion of 12 months)
  • Training and support to enable you to do your role (including E-Learning)

If you’d like to volunteer with us please fill out the online application form at the bottom of the page.

Here are some quotes from students who have volunteered with us:

What attracted you to volunteer at St Ann’s Hospice?

I originally started looking for volunteering as a requirement of applying to Medicine at university but I ultimately chose St Ann’s as it seemed like a very relaxed and cheerful environment that I felt I wanted to contribute to. I think the support and appreciation for volunteers is what really attracted me to volunteering at St Ann’s.
I have previously volunteered at Stepping Hill Hospital to gain first-hand experience on the wards, after 7 months of that I started to look for different ways to see the care environment which would help me understand more about the care profession as a whole instead of just seeing the nurses at work. The hospice has shown me new ways in which doctors and nurses work for a different goal; making the patient experience at the end of life as comforting as possible, which I think is important in the care profession that is less easy to see in a hospital.
For me personally, the opportunity to directly help those in my community and give back in a small capacity was a very appealing prospect which primarily encouraged me to begin volunteering. It seemed that St Ann’s, in particular, would be a very rewarding place to volunteer and give my time - helping very vulnerable people and trying to put a smile on someone’s face where possible - and this has undoubtedly proved to be the most rewarding aspect. Upon visiting the hospice for the first time, the friendly and welcoming environment was another attractive quality and I really saw myself being able to fit in with the team.

Why is volunteering important to you?

Volunteering at the hospice is important to me because I feel I can make a genuine difference for the patients no matter how small the task or gesture.
Volunteering at the hospice has given me valuable experience in how medical professionals work together and has exposed me to a new type of care environment. To me volunteering is one of the biggest steps in gaining enough experience to talk about at medical school interviews and in my UCAS personal statement, and so the experience I have gained from St Ann’s has been extremely valuable.
The most important aspect in my volunteering is that, no matter how small any task I perform is, I know that it will have significant implications and make a patient or family member’s experience at the hospice easier. Additionally, my volunteering is important to me because for certain patients and their families, they will remember me from my previous shift and often we will build familiarity which is a very lovely part of volunteering at the hospice. Finally, undertaking a caring role at the hospice is providing me with excellent experience and will hopefully allow me to fulfil my aim of becoming a doctor and continuing to support people and patients in a caring capacity.

Volunteer application form (student)

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  • The information you give on this application form will allow us to assess your suitability for voluntary work at St Ann’s Hospice and will enable us to match your skills, experience and availability to our current vacancies. Please complete all sections. All details will be treated as strictly confidential and will be held by St Ann’s Hospice and not disclosed to any other party without your consent.