Chris’s story

Chris Robinson helps out at our shops by doing odd maintenance jobs. Here he explains why he volunteers for St Ann's, and what his granddaughter thinks about his volunteering!

I’ve volunteered for St Ann’s for 18 months now. I do maintenance jobs for the shops, which involves me going out and about changing lightbulbs, fixing locks, painting walls and anything else they need doing. I get around on my motorbike and sidecar, which the team seem to find amusing! My granddaughter Layla is really proud of me for helping St Ann’s.

We recently had a day at school when we had to dress up to help raise money for St Ann’s. I was an England flag. I was very pleased to do this because St Ann’s looked after my Grandma very well when she was ill. I am sad because she died before I was born so I never knew her. I like that Grandpa is helping the shops to raise more money for the charity. Layla, Chris's granddaughter

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