Staff member at desk

At St Ann’s we recognise recruiting and retaining high performing individuals is key to delivering our strategic aims. One of the ways this is achieved is through the hospice’s pay structure.

We commit to paying our employees, including those in senior leadership roles, a fair salary, proportionate to the complexity and responsibilities of individual roles whilst maintaining financial sustainability to attract and retain employees to lead, support and deliver our charitable objectives.

The salary structure and remuneration are considered in accordance with the Pay Policy and proposals are presented through the HR Committee and Finance Committee to the Board of Trustees.

St Ann’s has a pay scale system (Band 2 to Band 9) for banding and basic salary determination for all posts, with the exception of medical posts.

Within each pay band there are three pay points (with the exception of Band 5 for Inpatient Unit Staff Nurses, who have four pay points) to allow pay progression in post, up to the top of the band.

Competency Frameworks are used to determine pay levels on appointment to a post and also pay progression while in post. Individual competencies within the Competency Frameworks are aligned with qualifications, knowledge and skills.