Dying matters

This May, join our free webinars exploring some of the less well-known aspects of death, end-of-life care and bereavement.

Throughout St Ann’s 50th anniversary, we’ll be sharing 50 bitesize webinars. Each month focuses on a specific theme, with a new session to watch each week.

This month, our webinars will cover some of the less well-known aspects of death and bereavement. We’ll be sharing a new bitesize session each week to watch at a time that’s best for you.

Watch the latest webinar below, see what’s coming up next below or click to catch up on our previous sessions.

Advance care planning (ACP)

Suzie Doe, Clinical Facilitator at St Ann’s Hospice, introduces advance care planning (ACP) and the importance of having conversations about what we do and don’t want to happen at the end of our lives.

Suzie shares an A to Z of some of the most important things to know about ACP, and practical steps for you or the people you work with to get you talking about the future.

Creative therapy

Ruth Labrow, Creative Therapist at St Ann’s Hospice, uses creative arts to help people process how they are feeling, discover new skills and even to reflect and remember someone.

Take 50 minutes out of your day to watch a video tutorial for how to make one of our most popular crafts in The Being You Centre, and have a go yourself.


Pete O’Brien, Chaplaincy Support Coordinator at St Ann’s Hospice, explores the importance of spirituality for some people in end of life care.

Alongside his video, Pete also recommends watching ‘Last Laugh’ – with Alexei Sayle and ‘Dying for a Laugh’, with comedians exploring how can humour help people talk about dying and bereavement.

Digital legacies

Technology has changed the way way live, say goodbye and grieve, but it has also changed the way we are remembered. 

James Norris, from the Digital Legacy Association, shares some of the different aspects of  digital legacies and digital assets.


If you’d like to be a speaker for one of our 50 sessions, or would like to find out more about other training that St Ann’s provides, please email Abby Evans or call 0161 498 3616

50 webinars, 50th birthday

Throughout St Ann's 50th anniversary, we'll be sharing 50 bitesize webinars. Each month focuses on a specific theme, with a new session to watch each week.

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