Equity in palliative care webinars

This January, join our free webinars about improving equity of palliative and end of life care for local communities.

Throughout St Ann’s 50th anniversary, we’ll be sharing 50 bitesize webinars. Each month focuses on a specific theme, with a new bitesize session each week to watch at a time that’s best for you.

This month, our webinars will raise awareness of the issues around palliative and end of life care provision for a range of local populations, and give advice on how to better serve patients within those communities.

Watch the latest webinar above, or click the titles below to catch up on our previous sessions.

Providing palliative care for people with mental health diagnosis

Jed Jerwood

Providing palliative care for patients with conditions other than cancer

Professor Miriam Johnson and Marie Kissack

Providing palliative care to people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities

Shahid Mohammed Sardar, Mohammed Akhlak Rauf MBE and Michael Banner.

Providing palliative care to the LGBT community

Lawrie Roberts