Anxiety management for palliative and progressive conditions

Dates: 23 to 24 March 2020

Venue: St Ann’s Hospice, St Ann’s Road North, Heald Green, SK8 3SZ

Cost: £240 – lunch and parking included

Places: 16

Who is it for?

Health professionals who may already have a basic knowledge of anxiety.

About the course: Anxiety is a complex condition which affects people’s bodies and minds. It disempowers and reduces confidence, affecting lifestyle, treatments and interventions. It may also cause symptoms such as nausea and pain. A common misconception is that it is ‘normal’ for people living with palliative and progressive conditions to have anxiety. Some health professionals recognise anxiety, but lack the knowledge or confidence of when, or how, to intervene.

Whilst this course has an emphasis on palliative care and progressive conditions, much of the knowledge and skills learned on the course are transferable to other patient groups where anxiety is a feature.

This course is run in partnership with Positive Energy Partnership Ltd.

For more information email Abby Evans at or phone 0161 498 3616.