Debby’s lottery story

Debby has supported St Ann’s since her sister-in-law Louise was cared for by the team at Heald Green.

Debby and her family have been supporters of St Ann’s for 13 years, since her sister-in-law Louise Wharton was cared for by the team at Heald Green. Since then Debby has been playing the St Ann’s Lottery and has just scooped the top prize. Debby explained why supporting St Ann’s is so important to her.

“Louise was looked after so well by the staff at Heald Green, and we received so much support as a family too. As you can imagine we had lots of questions and concerns and the doctors and nurses were always very open and respectful, we could ask them literally anything.

The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, and you could tell that even the smallest details mattered to all of the staff – whether they were a nurse, housekeeper or tea lady, they all had the same commitment to the patients and families. The level of care we all received was amazing and helped a great deal at what was a very difficult time. Louise was only at St Ann’s a short time, but she was happy there, and that was a huge comfort to us. Debby Quinn

“I wanted to share my lottery win with my family, so that we could all do something in memory of Louise. My eldest son got a flatscreen TV and my youngest is taking his partner on holiday. They’re Louise’s only nephews and I know they still miss her, as does my husband. I’m taking him away for a break to celebrate his birthday, as a gift from his wonderful sister.”

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