Janet’s story

Janet shares how her whole family were supported by St Ann's while her dad was looked after at the hospice

A photo of Janet with her dad, mum and sister.

In the Autumn of 2018, my dad had fall at home. He went into hospital and was being looked after there, but he wasn’t responding to any of the treatment. We were told there wasn’t anything more they could do for him, but he was too poorly to come home. My mum had been diagnosed with cancer earlier that year and was having chemotherapy at the time too.

Around dad’s bedside, we talked the different options through as a family and with the district nurses. I hadn't realised that hospices could care for people who didn’t have cancer, but St Ann’s offered dad a bed in Little Hulton. It became our home.   Janet

St Ann’s was so good for us, especially while my mum was having chemo treatment. They looked after our family as a whole.

We were there all day every day for the six weeks dad was in the hospice before he died. I used to find comfort being there. My only complaint is that I’ve still not got rid of the weight I gained from all the cakes and toast!

Last year, we sadly said goodbye to our dear mum when she lost her two-year battle to cancer. She died peacefully at home and joined my dad who was waiting for her. The Macmillan and district nurses that supported her and us were amazing – they were like family.  

We know if we hadn’t made the decision to keep mum at home, St Ann’s would have been our next choice for her end-of-life care. We chose to take donations at her funeral and raised over £5,000 in dedications for the hospice. St Ann’s gave the best end of life care for my dad and the hospice will always be close to our hearts. Janet