Helping you at home

We can provide services to you in your home, in some areas – whether that’s your own home, a family home, sheltered housing, a nursing home or somewhere else.

More and more people are choosing to be cared for at home and our specialist community teams can help patients to achieve their wish.

Our community services include:

  • Hospice@Home (Salford and Trafford)
  • Community Specialist Palliative Care (Salford)

Hospice@Home teams (Salford and Trafford)

Caring for someone at home can place both physical and emotional strain on families, friends and carers. Our team of nurses and nursing assistants can help by offering nursing care and support. They work in partnership with district nurses, specialist palliative care nurses and other community services.

Community Specialist Palliative Care team (Salford)

This is a specialist resource working with your GP and district nurse team. Following an assessment, we can deliver ongoing support to either you or your GP and district nurse team where needed.

How you can be referred to these services

You can be referred through your GP, palliative care specialist nurse (including Macmillan and District Nurses), a doctor or consultant at a hospital, or other health care professional.

Making a Referral

If you feel someone may benefit from the services provided by St Ann’s, this page will give you a quick guide of how to refer them to us.