Louisa’s Story

Supporter Louisa has been regularly giving to St Ann's after setting up a direct debit to raise funds that enable us to continue to provide care and support to our patients and their loved ones.

I signed up to St Ann’s Hospice Appeal after seeing the link on Facebook and it was so easy, just a few clicks to set up the direct debit and done. I’ve always tried to donate to charities regularly but it is obviously so much more important at the moment, with them having to face increased costs and postponed fundraising events. I’ve visited the team at St Ann’s Hospice at their Heald Green site a number of times and seen the wonderful work that they do. All the staff have smiles on their faces and they go above and beyond to create a positive atmosphere and give their patients a high quality of life. I am so happy to be able to help them continue their services in these difficult times and would urge others to consider doing the same if they can. My donation is sent to St Ann’s every month without me having to remember or do anything, which is great! Louisa Fielden, Supporter

Regular donations are more than just a monthly gift to our patients. Your donations help us to provide care, comfort and support to our patients and their loved ones.

Find out more about regular giving and how it is more than just a donation, here.