Privacy Notice – Staff and Volunteers (what)

What personal information does St Ann’s Hospice collect from and about you?

We collect and use different types of personal information about you, depending on your circumstances, your role and the law, which may include (please note that the examples are illustrative and non-exhaustive):

Type of information Examples
Information about you Name, address, date of birth, marital status, nationality, race, gender, religion, and preferred language, details of any disabilities, work restrictions and/or required accommodations.
Information to contact you at work or home Name, address, telephone, and e-mail addresses.
Information about who to contact in case of emergency (yours or ours) Name, address, telephone, e-mail addresses and their relationship to you.
Information to identify you Photographs, Birth Certificates, passport and/or driving license details, signatures.
Information about your suitability to work for us and/or a relevant third party References, interview notes, work visas ID information such as passport details and driving licence information, records/results of pre-employment checks, including criminal record checks, credit and fraud checks.
Information about your skills and experience CVs, resumes and/or application forms, references, records of qualifications, skills, training, professional registration details and other compliance requirements.
Information about your terms of employment Letters of offer and acceptance of employment, your employment contract.
Information that we need to pay you Bank account details, national insurance or social security numbers (where applicable).
Information that we need to provide you with benefits and other entitlements Length of service information, health information, leave requests.
Information relating to your sickness record Self certification forms, Return to work interviews, Occupational Health reports, Interview/meeting notes or recordings, correspondence.
Information relating to your performance at work Performance, targets, objectives, records of performance reviews, records and/or notes of 1 to 1’s and other meetings, personal development plans, personal improvement plans, correspondence and reports.
Information relating to discipline, grievance and other employment related processes Interview/meeting notes or recordings, correspondence.
Information relating to your work travel and expenses Bank account details, passport, driving licence, vehicle registration and insurance details.