Privacy Notice – Staff and Volunteers (why)

Why do we need to collect and use your personal information? 

We need to collect and use your personal information for a number of purposes. These may include (please note that the examples are illustrative and non-exhaustive):

Purposes for which we need your personal information Examples
Recruitment •      To assess your suitability to work for St Ann’s Hospice;

•      To conduct screening, assessments and interviews;

•      To provide contracts of employment;

•      To conduct pre-employment checks, including determining your legal right to work and carrying out criminal record and credit checks where applicable.

If applicants are unsuccessful, their data will be securely retained for the duration of the recruitment process and for up to 12 months following this. The data will then be destroyed.

The data of speculative applications will be retained for a period of 6 months and following this will be destroyed.

Human Resources, finance and other business •      Staffing, including resource planning, recruitment, termination, and succession planning;

•      Budgetary and financial planning and administration;

Administration purposes •      Organisational planning and development and workforce management;
•      Compensation, payroll, and benefit planning and administration, including salary, tax withholding, tax equalization, awards, insurance and pensions;
•      Workforce development, education, training and certification;
•      Performance management;
•      Problem resolution, including carrying out internal reviews, grievances, investigations, audits;
•      Business travel and expense management;
•      To conduct business reporting and analytics;
•      Administration of flexible work arrangements;
•      Administration of employee enrolment and participation in activities and programmes offered to eligible employees, and wellness activities;
•      Work-related injury and illness, including the management of employee Health & Safety, and disabilities;
•      To provide HR helpdesk support and case management;
•      To communicate with you and to facilitate communication between you and other people;
•      Compliance and compliance reporting, including conflict of interest and gifts and hospitality reporting;
•      Risk management;
•      Project Management; and
•      Training and quality purposes.
Security purposes •      Physical access control;
•      Authorizing, granting, administering, monitoring and terminating access to or use of St Ann’s Hospice facilities, records, property and infrastructure including communications services such as business telephones and email/internet use;
•      CCTV
•      Prevention and detection of crime.
Information Technology (IT)

administration purposes

•      IT Systems access control and use monitoring;

•      IT fault reporting, management and resolution;

•      Systems administration, support, development, management and maintenance.

Legal purposes •      To comply with our legal obligations.