St Ann’s Summer Raffle 2022

Summer Raffle

The hospice, which offers care to thousands of local people and their loved ones each year, is giving away £5,000 to one lucky winner, alongside five runner up prizes of £50 and ten early bird prizes of a £10 gift card for M&S.

Entries start at £1 per ticket with the £5,000 prize winner announced on Monday 18th July. The raffle will raise vital funds for the local hospice which cares for patients from its sites in Heald Green and Little Hulton as well as via a range of community and outreach services.

Our summer raffle is a highlight in our annual calendar, helping to raise vital funds that mean our staff can continue to support local people from across Greater Manchester and parts of Cheshire. 

Every ticket bought helps us make a difference to the lives of the people we care for, so please do join in and buy a ticket or two.  You could potentially win big too!

Lottery Manager, Trudi Ogden

Final entries for the raffle close on Sunday 3rd July.

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Second times are a charm, as Gerard wins a rollover jackpot

When the cheque arrived, I shouted my wife and told her I had won £1,000 on the St Ann’s lottery. On second glance, I realised I’d missed a nought. Ten thousand pounds, I literally couldn’t believe it.

Gerard Pilling, Local hospice lottery player

Heald Green based Gerard Pilling, aged 74, has hit the St Ann’s lottery jackpot for a second time, netting a maximum rollover of £10,000.  

It seems that Gerard has the midas touch when it comes to picking lottery tickets, not only scooping his recent £10,000 rollover win but also winning £2,000 back in August 2019.  

A supporter of the St Ann’s lottery since its inception in 1994, Gerard is a true advocate of the care the hospice provides.

My mother-in-law who is 95 and has Alzheimer’s and cancer was a patient in the hospice in June 2021 and the care she received from the staff was absolutely tremendous. The serenity of the place and the way people are with each other, whether it’s the staff, patients or families visiting loved ones really blew me away. There is a real sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

Gerard Pilling, Local hospice lottery player

Gerard’s wife Vivian worked on a cardiac ward at Wythenshawe Hospital for 32 years and the couple don’t have any doubt on where the winnings will be going. 

Gerard said: “The money will be going in the Bank of Nana and Grandad, as our twin grandchildren are at University in Liverpool. Benjamin is studying Law and Isabella is doing mechanical engineering. They turn 21 next month and have got wind of our win, so they’ll be getting a few more quid than usual.” 

The St Ann’s Local Lottery has generated over £25 million for the hospice since 1994 and created more than 37,000 winners in the process.  

The weekly lottery includes a first prize of £2,000 plus a rollover prize of £1,000, four prizes of £50 each and 30 prizes of £10. The rollover prize increases by £1,000 for every week the prize is not won, up to a maximum of £10,000.  

Do you want to win big like Gerard?

Tickets cost just £2!

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Love your local lottery

We’re celebrating hitting a major hospice lottery milestone by asking people to consider taking part this Valentine’s Week to show their love and help local patients. 

Players of St Ann’s Hospice local lottery, which has been running for more than 25 years, have kindly raised £25million for the charity by buying their tickets, whilst also being in with a chance of winning thousands of pounds of prize money each week. 

We’re over the moon to have hit this amazing milestone with our players having raised £25million for local patients since we launched the lottery.  It’s an incredible amount which has made such a huge difference to people’s lives, and we can’t thank everyone who takes part enough. 

Trudi Ogden, St Ann’s Lottery Manager

Trudi explained: “To celebrate, we’re asking people from across Greater Manchester and beyond to consider buying a ticket this Valentine’s Day – and throughout February – to ‘Love their Lottery’ and help us raise even more valuable funds for St Ann’s. 

“By purchasing a £2 ticket for our weekly draw, players are not only supporting the charity, but are in with a chance of winning thousands of pounds too.” 

The St Ann’s lottery has a weekly jackpot prize of £2,000, plus an additional rollover prize of £1,000 a week up to a maximum of £10,000.  Other weekly prizes also include £50 for four winners, and £10 for 30 winners too.

People can buy tickets online or in one of our hospice shops across Greater Manchester, so it’s really easy for people to take part.  As a charity we rely on the support of local people now more than ever, so we’d love people to show the love this February and buy a ticket. Calling the weekly winners has got to be the favourite part of my job. They’re always so excited and share their ideas on how they might spend their prize money too.  If local people are able to join in and support the hospice, we’d appreciate it so much.

Trudi Ogden, St Ann’s Lottery Manager

As a charity, we only receive around a third of our funding from the NHS. The remaining costs of delivering care to thousands of people every year – totalling around £20,000 a day – fundraised and brought in via a range of events and trading activities, including the hospice’s lottery. 

To sign up to play the hospice’s Local Lottery, visit or call 0161 498 3642. 

Lottery player receives an early Christmas present!

Marie, from Didsbury, will treat her son to a new Playstation and can also afford to buy her brother’s car from her winnings.

Marie did not hesitate to join the lottery 18 months ago, especially after the way her late grandmother was cared for by St Ann’s.

The hospice took very good care of my grandma and that personal connection means it’s more about giving something back as a charitable donation for me rather than winning. I’ve never won anything substantial before and was overwhelmed when I learned I’d won. The phone call to tell me came out of the blue when I was on holiday in Cyprus. I couldn’t believe it at first and wanted to cry when I realised it was true. It certainly makes Christmas a bit easier financially.


We’re so pleased that Marie is so happy with her win. She is one of 16,800 players in the St Ann’s lottery which started in 1994, making it one of the oldest in the country. It will soon have generated £25m in proceeds towards patient care. The St Ann’s Local Lottery is one of the easiest ways people can show their support for our patients, with the added bonus that they might win a very special prize. Supporters can simply sign up online or pop into one of the hospice’s 10 shops around Greater Manchester to buy their weekly £2 ticket. It really is an easy way to support the hospice, and with lots of prizes to be won, there’s even more chance of winning.

Trudi Ogden, Lottery Manager

Tickets are £2 weekly and most players pay by a monthly direct debit of £8.68.

There is a £2,000 weekly jackpot, plus other cash prizes and a £1,000 rollover which had not been won for 10 weeks until Marie struck lucky.

Nearly all the £2 entry goes directly towards patient care. The proceeds of £30,000 a week cover the cost of a day and a half’s care at St Ann’s.

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Lottery player scoops weekly jackpot

Renovations at the house in Reddish she recently bought with partner Steve Robinson are also a priority.

Emma will always have a soft spot for St Ann’s which cared for her late father Jim, 71, who died of cancer in 2016.

Her sister, Anna, won our lottery two years ago and now it was Emma’s turn to receive a nice surprise through the post.

Emma, an accounts executive at Hi-Way Components in Chadderton, has raised thousands of pounds for good causes, including St Ann’s, from charity runs over several years.

I ran the Great North Run and thought it was another thank you note for raising money, so wasn’t going to open the envelope straight away. When I did open it, I thought it was a joke.
The win came just at the right time. We’re doing our new house up and will get a new floor in the conservatory.
I’ve been a member of the lottery at St Ann’s for at least five years. It’s easy to pay on direct debit. They need it and deserve all the money they can get. It’s a brilliant place.

Emma MacDonald, Lottery winner

Ill health from cancer forced Jim to retire from his job in the electrical trade. His chemotherapy treatment caused neuropathy, a type of nerve damage. Steve’s late brother Carl was also a patient at our hospice site at Little Hulton.

Thankfully, St Ann’s gave him part of his old self back. He enjoyed arts and crafts as a day care patient at Heald Green and on his last day there staff wrote a poem called Gentleman Jim. Then as an in-patient, the hospice managed his pain relief.

Emma MacDonald, Lottery Winner

Want to be in with a change of winning £2000?

Play our lottery for your chance of winning our weekly prize of £2000 plus more prizes.

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You could win £2,000 a week!

Our lottery gives players the chance to get their hands on a weekly jackpot prize of £2,000, plus a rollover prize of £1,000 a week up to a maximum of £10,000.  There are also a range of other weekly prizes including £50 for four lucky winners, and £10 for 30 additional winners. 

This is definitely one of the easiest ways people can show support for our patients, and the best part of my job is calling the weekly winners to let them know they’ve scooped a prize.  They’re always so excited, and it’s great to have conversations with them about what they might treat themselves to with their winnings. Working at the hospice I see first-hand the difference money raised from initiatives like our lottery have on patients and those closest to them.  I’m really proud to be part of an organisation that’s been providing care to local people for half a century, and I know we’ve only been able to do that thanks to the amazing support of those who help us by playing our lottery or fundraising in other ways. Huge thanks.

Trudi Ogden, Lottery Manager

The hospice team needs to raise around £20,000 a day to continue providing care, which is achieved via a range of events and trading activities, including the hospice’s lottery. 


Play our Lottery

Tickets for the weekly lottery draw cost £2 and can be bought online, in any of the hospice’s high street shops, or by calling 0161 498 3642. 

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Could you be our missing Lottery winner?

Our lottery team are appealing for the winner of one of our £2,000 jackpots in May to come forward, as the prize has yet to be claimed. 

A ticket for our weekly lottery draw on 14th May this year was bought in our St Ann’s shop in Monton between 6th and 12th May.  The owner of the winning ticket will receive the £2,000 jackpot prize, but has yet to come forward.   

People from across Greater Manchester go to our shops to purchase new and pre-loved goods, so the winner could literally live anywhere in the area. We’re asking anyone who has bought a ticket to play to double check the details as they could be the winner.

Trudi Ogden, Lottery Manager

The winning ticket number is 13-1331-903, and though people can come forward until 7 November to claim their prize, they’re being urged to contact the hospice as soon as possible. 

We know that the more time that passes, the more chance there is that the ticket might be lost, so we’re hoping people will have a good look around and get in touch if they think they might be the lucky winner.  

People in our lottery play in lots of ways, and if they buy a ticket online or are regular players who pay by direct debit and have the same ticket number every week, we contact them directly if they’ve won.  But, lots of people also choose to play on an ad hoc basis by purchasing a ticket in one of our hospice shops, and those participants need to check their ticket and come forward if they think they’ve been lucky, as they would with many other lotteries. 

Here’s hoping someone will get in touch and receive a really great treat in time for the summer holidays.

Trudi Ogden, Lottery Manager

Our lottery has generated more than £20million since it launched in 1994, creating more than 37,000 winners.  Each week a jackpot can be won of £2,000, plus 34 other cash prizes.  There is also a separate rollover draw which increases by £1,000 each week up to £10,000. 

To claim their prize, the winner should call into a St Ann’s shop, or can complete an online claim form below. They can also call the lottery team on 0161 498 3642 or email 

For more information, please visit 

Lottery Winners Claim Form

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Why Play St Ann’s Lottery?

For over 25 years the St Ann’s Lottery has been helping to support the hospice and all the work and efforts that our staff complete to ensure our patients and their loved ones get the best care and support. During this time, the lottery has raised over £20 million for the hospice and made more than 37,000 winners.  

Every week we host our lottery, giving £2,000 to one lucky winner as well as giving away four £50 and 30 £10 prizes to players. Alongside this, we also have a weekly rollover prize of £1,000, that continues to accumulate, reaching a maximum of £10,000. Tickets cost just £2 per draw and these can be bought from our shops, online or over the phoneWe offer both a monthly subscription and one-off commitment, meaning you can play as little or as much as you want.  

Your small change makes a huge difference, even by just entering four draws at £8, your money could help to keep our drinks trolley stocked for patients to enjoy.  

In becoming a regular player and signing up to play one ticket per week, you would raise over £104 per year, with the majority of that going to help support and fund essential items for the hospice and the services we provide to both inpatients and outpatients. In 2019 69% of our lottery proceeds were returned to the hospice, meaning for every £2.00 weekly entry, £1.38 went to our hospice.  

It’s really simple to sign-up to our lottery and in doing so you’d be making a huge difference to the work we do. For more information, please visit our website, call 0161 498 3642 or email 

Did you know?  

  • Three tickets could help us to keep our drinks trolley stocked for patients to enjoy 
  • Five tickets could pay for food for a day for one of our inpatients 
  • Six tickets could help us to continue providing TVs and Wi-Fi for inpatients to enjoy during their stay 
  • Ten tickets could pay for a hand or foot massage with one of our therapists to help a patient or carer relax 
  • 11 tickets could pay for a complementary therapy session for a patient or carer 
  • 13 tickets could pay for a hairdresser appointment to make patients feel good 
  • 15 tickets could pay for a bereavement session for a loved one with our specialist team 
  • 25 tickets could pay for food for a week for one of our inpatients 
  • 43 tickets could allow us to run our ambulance for a day 
  • 51 tickets could provide a two-hour specialist rehabilitation session to aid patients with personal activities of daily living to help maximise their mobility and independence 

Your small change could make a huge difference in aiding our community. By playing St Ann’s hospice regularly you could help fund the costs for integral services we provide. Even playing once a week for the year, you’ll be raising over £100, meaning your tickets could cover the costs of all the services listed above.  

Some say it’s better to give than receive. We say you can do both!  

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