St Ann’s welcomes cello quartet for special performance

By News Team on April 25, 2018

Earlier this week, we had the privilege of welcoming a fantastic cello quartet into the hospice, who played a special performance for some of our patients.

The musicians, some of whom have been playing together for 25 years, are now based in Manchester where they also play for the BBC Philharmonic. They’ve played in venues across Manchester and the North, as well as internationally, but this week was the first time they’ve played in St Ann’s.

They treated us to a beautiful and intimate performance, with a variety of music from a special original piece to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

As well as being a wonderful opportunity to enjoy hearing such talented musicians, performances like these can also be an important part of patient’s therapy.

Bobby, our Advanced Physiotherapist, says: “Rehabilitative palliative care is centered on patients’ personal goals, so we were able to engage patients in physical rehab while combining this with music therapy. This enabled them to maintain strength while experiencing such a beautiful uplifting performance.”


We often think of Rehabilitation as focusing on the physical aspects of care, but the psychological impact is also key. Moments like listening to a special piece of music are so positive for our well being, they’re an important part of rehabilitation, allowing people to improve their quality of life while helping them to thrive here at the hospice. Bobby, Advanced Physiotherapist at St Ann's
Physiotherapist - Bobby Magee Clinical

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