Bereavement support

Our role is far from over when someone has died: we can also help people come to terms with their loss.

Many of us welcome talking to others when a person who is close has died – and usually rely on friends and family. But sometimes it can help to talk to someone who is not so closely involved. This is where we can help.

We can provide support to anyone who is connected to the patient who has died – whether that is a friend, family member, carer or partner. The patient could have been receiving services as an inpatient, in day therapy or through our community services. We usually send a letter to the main carer or relatives within six weeks of the bereavement to offer support, but anyone who was close to the patient can refer themselves by contacting us direct.

We can provide bereavement support either at the hospice or in your home. This service is free, confidential and provided by professional hospice staff and trained, supervised volunteers.

Let’s Talk

If you’d like to talk to someone about what has been going on and how you’re feeling, we have a trained team of counsellors and trainee assistant practitioners who are here to support you.  This service is free and available for anyone who has had treatment at the hospice or is a family member, carer or friend who is grieving someone they have lost.

Simply give us a call on 0161 702 5414 and our team will get back in touch to see what support we could offer you.

Forget Me Not and Light up a Life

Our annual Forget Me Not and Light up a Life appeals give you the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one by making a dedication to them. As well as making a dedication, you’re also invited to attend one of our remembrance services. For more information, please contact our Fundraising Team on 0161 498 3631.

Get in touch

For more information, please contact our Patient and Family Support Team on:

  • 0161 702 5403 (Little Hulton)
  • 0161 498 3668 (Heald Green)

Tribute pages

A tribute page is a dedicated page celebrating the life and memory of your loved one. Dealing with a loss can be very difficult, and often friends and family want to do something positive in memory. A tribute page is a forever place where you, family and friends can come together to share memories, music, photos and special days.

Find out more about creating a tribute page for a loved one